Business environment

Secure environment for foreign investment is guaranteed by Lithuania’s membership in international organizations, compliance with EU and international laws and sustained economic growth.

No 1 for competitiveness growth in the EU

Member of the United Nations - 1991, European Union - 2004, NATO - 2004,
Schengen Zone - 2007 and other international organizations

22nd freest economy in the World

It takes only 3 days to start a company

4th lowest corporate tax in the EU

25% annual export  growth on average since 2009

16th in the overall attractiveness for FDI in the World



Lithuania’s gegographical location and well-developed infrastructure open doors to the EU, CIS, Russian, Asian and global markets. Lithuania has taken full advantage of its unique position at the intersection of the East-West and North-South trade routes and has created a network of supporting infrastructure:

Largest capacity (40,000 tonnes) ice-free seaport on the Baltic coast with ro-ro, cargo and passenger lines to international ports

4 international airports conveniently located across the country with direct and connecting flights to all five continents

80% of European freight transported via 2 Trans-European Corridors; named among the top 10 most important European highways

A wide international railway network provides direct connections to Latvia, Poland, Belarus, and Russia (the Kaliningrad Region) Poland and Germany; rail links to China in 15 days via Kazakhstan and links to Black Sea ports via Belarus and Ukraine in 55 hours

World‘s 2nd fastest broad band

No 1 in the World Competitiveness Rankings for communication technology



No 1 in the EU for the mathematics, technology & science students

No 1 in the EU: 93% population with secondary or higher education

No 2 in the EU: 47% of population aged 24-29 have a university degree

92% of the population speak at least 1 foreign language, 52% speak 2 or more

4 times lower labour costs vs the EU average, minimum monthly gross salary – 290 EUR

No 1 in the World for the share of female labor force